Powerful Cleaning Equipment

Transchem manufactures and distributes powerful equipment that can tackle even the toughest industrial cleaning challenges. For instance, our Soax Cleaning Systems offer a range of pressure washers and self-serve car wash solutions that are robust, reliable, and flexible.

Transchem Group Joins Vehicle Wash Solutions

Transchem will now become part of OPW’s Vehicle Wash Solutions platform (“OPW VWS”), which also includes renowned brands like PDQ, Belanger and Innovative Control Systems(“ICS”).

Chemistry That Delivers

With a range of chemistry options that suits every budget, while providing exceptional performance, you can trust Transchem to have a solution that will work for your car wash business or industrial cleaning needs. We’re committed to providing the products that deliver the cleanest, driest and shiniest cars and clean workplaces, all while keeping environmental impacts in mind.

Environmental Stewardship

We strive to be responsible stewards to the environment and providers of premium cleaning solutions around the globe. That means we continually explore new ways to optimize our products and business practices. As such, we are proud to empower our clients with greener solutions they can feel good about.

Helping Your business shine

Since 1974, Transchem Group has been a family-owned-and-operated business and has quickly grown into a global company. Transchem Group is a leader in providing car wash solutions. Our portfolio of premium products includes chemistry, car wash equipment, digital technology, and effective customer support options. We work with many additional industries, providing cleaning solutions that deliver results:
Car Washes
Fleet Washes
Commercial Mobile Washes
Vehicle Dealerships
Agricultural Sector
Manufacturing Sector
Food Processing Sector


Discover our wide breadth of car wash and industrial cleaning solutions.
Parts and Vending

Embracing Success with Transchem Group

As a car wash operator, you want to grow your business and customer base. We offer operators a suite of car wash products and chemistry that can help your business shine and bring in a line of happy customers.

Our Operators love:

  • Premium Turtle Wax® Pro Chemistry their customers know and love
  • Budget friendly chemistry options with outstanding results
  • Equipment and technology solutions that deliver
  • Marketing support with Turtle Wax® Pro and Mosaic Digital Technology
  • TWP Learn, the free online learning platform for staff
  • Distributor Service and Support across North America
  • Direct Service and Support in Ontario and Alberta

As a distributor, you want to offer your customers products and solutions that will help them succeed and become loyal purchasers. Transchem Group wants that too. We work hard to support our distributors with those goals.

Distributors working with us benefit from committed relationships with our team, resources designed to make their lives easier, and solutions that make their work more impactful. Most importantly, with the Transchem Group brands, distributors are selling products that they can be confident in!

Our Distributors love:

  • In-Person Service Team Training
  • Our Online Learning Center: TWP Learn
  • Continual Support from our Service Representatives
  • Our expertise supporting large accounts  
  • Our Distributor Growth Program
  • Robust Marketing Programs
  • Reliable and consistent products and service

Car wash is a profitable industry segment, and as an investor, we believe you want to harness that growth for yourself. Let our industry expertise support your vision. We offer premium solutions designed to help car wash businesses thrive and expand.

Car Wash Investors Love:

  • Starting their car wash business with solutions that are backed by 45 years of experience
  • Chemistry options that provide great return on investment
  • Harnessing theTurtle Wax® Pro brand to market car washes and sell premium wash packages
  • Water reclaim technology that saves on fresh water costs
  • Loyalty programs and payment technology connecting with customers directly on their phones
  • Partner Distributor Service and Support across North America
  • Direct Service and Support in Ontario and Alberta

We offer cleaning solutions that excel beyond the car wash industry – and our customers value the quality performance that Transchem offers. Many of our products are designed for industrial cleaning challenges and can meet those tough demands. Reach out to see how we can serve your cleaning needs!

Other industries we serve include:

  • Agricultural Sector
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Food Processing Sector
  • Fleet Washes
  • Commercial Mobile Washes (Emergency vehicles, golf carts, etc.)
  • Vehicle Dealerships
  • Marinas
Our team at ASI finds the product quality and customer experience second to none with Transchem Group products.
Not only do the products exceed expectations, but the customer service and support is fantastic. Our customers enjoy the brand recognition and marketing support and we enjoy working with a family owned business that cares about their customers.
Jeremy Dohm,
President at ASI