One 2.5 gal jug of Turtle Wax® Pro hyper-concentrate can clean up to 2300 cars.
Save Time
Reduce time spent refilling tanks in the backroom.
Safety seals on the jugs allow for simple chemical reloading.
Save space
Compact jugs stack easily, helping organize and maximize backroom space.
Gain Insights
Our deluxe system delivers comprehensive reporting to any device.

Get up to $10,000 in value per wash by switching to Transchem Group chemistry

When you choose Transchem Group chemistry, you are eligible to receive a FREE TRUE-VUE 2 Deluxe System with any 3-year chemical agreement. By pairing hyper-concentrated chemistry with hyper-accurate monitoring, you’ll create a hyper-efficient car wash.

Maximize every cent by:
Reducing costs with hyper-concentrated chemistry.
Reducing waste with spill detection and reporting.
Reducing man hours managing your backroom.
Eliminating run-outs and last minute orders.

TRUE-VUE 2 Standard Model

The TRUE-VUE 2 Standard Model is step 1 in controlling your back room. With easy organization, easy loading and easy backroom navigation you can say goodbye to 30G drums and floors that are dyed blue!

Our standard model comes FREE with any 2-year chemical agreement from Transchem Group.

Ultimate backroom organization features

Avoid backroom messes and mistakes
Compact space-saving solution
Visible volume-scale markings on tanks
Snap-and-seal lids prevent spills and contamination
Drop-and-go chemical refilling process
Colour-coding system for ease of use
High-quality, durable HDPE plastics
Convenient 10 & 20 gal jugs

TRUE-VUE 2 Deluxe Model

Our full suite solution to put your car wash backroom on autopilot. Not only do you get all the organizational benefits of the standard model, but you also get the additional benefit of advanced reporting, inventory tracking and real-time alerts. Monitor your car wash from any device and stop problems before they happen for the ultimate peace of mind.

Our deluxe model comes FREE with any 3-year chemical agreement from Transchem Group.


Deluxe Model ONLY

Receive email alerts and notifications for one or more sites.

Low tank levels
An over-filled tank
Unexpected usage patterns and anomalies
Whenever product is added to a tank
Ability to alert your staff
Smart and robust reports for each location


Deluxe Model ONLY

Our easy-to-read dashboards provide you with real-time information about what is happening at any car wash.

The interactive charts provide rich insights at a glance.

Monitor up to 22 tanks per location
View current and historical data for:
• Average usage per car
• Average cost per car
• Chemical cost per period
• Wash counts
Capture actual versus expected daily usage and costs
Whenever product is added to a tank
Ability to alert your staff
Export data into usable formats and reports
Track inventory in tanks and in your back room
Place orders directly through the online portal

Pair your TRUE-VUE 2 System with HYPER CONCENTRaTEs

With hyper concentrates, you pay for the actual chemical not a drum mostly made up of water. This means you'll save money on your chemistry and save money on shipping. But the advantages don't stop there, you'll be able to wash more cars with your chemistry, making you do more with less.

Thankfully, Transchem Group offers hyper-concentrated chemistry with both our AutoLux and Turtle Wax® Pro chemical lineups.