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At Transchem Group, we are intentional about our influence on the communities in which we operate. We want our customers to thrive with our solutions and we also care about protecting our natural resources. This means in our products and innovations, it is critical for our team to prioritize reducing our environmental impact.

Transchem Group has also helped establish the guidelines for the Canadian government’s EcoLogo Certification Criteria Document for Commercial Car Wash Services. We are proud to be one of the only companies in the automotive care industry with Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification (2013 0115) manufacturing capabilities, one of the most stringent regulations in any industry.

In 2022, Transchem Group partnered with a major car wash operator in the Southeastern United States to make a donation to Sea Turtle conservation.


We care about what is going down the sewer and into local water reservoirs.

When you use our chemicals, you can be confident that our formulas don’t use:

Harmful phosphates
Ammonium Bifluoride (ABF)
Hydrofluoric acid (HF)

We maintain this standard of environmental commitment while operating in an industry where many manufacturers still use aggressive acids and phosphates. This is a major aspect of why we have a dedicated R&D facility and car wash at our headquarters.


We design our chemistry with care to follow environmental standards and meet municipal, provincial/state and federal regulations for car wash chemistry.

In Europe, we work only with raw material suppliers that have surfactants listed on Cleangredients or meet the requirements of the European Detergent Directive or exceed the biodegradability requirements of EcoLogo™ Certification Criteria Document for UL-2770: Commercial Car Wash Services.

Transchem Group also blends Nordic Swan approved products for Sweden and Norway. and our EMEA line of TWP products adheres to the Nordic Swan standards and regulations.

Finally, Transchem is complaint in the EU with the REACH program.
We continually explore new ways to optimize our chemistry to be better for our clients and the planet. If you have feedback or ideas about how we can continue to improve our commitment to the environment, please don’t hesitate to reach out.