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May 17, 2023

Transchem Introduces Reclaim Optimized Chemistry

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of an innovative lineup of products that are set to revolutionize the way we approach car wash reclaim systems. Introducing Turtle Wax Pro's game-changing Titanium Reclaim System: the X1 Power Soak, X2 Power Clean, X5 Power Fresh, X6 Power Zap, and X7 Power Tread. They are designed to not just mask, but eliminate odors at their very source.

We all know the unpleasantness of washing cars in a tunnel with a reclaim system that smells. Over time, the accumulated dirt and grease can create some pretty unsavory odors that scented products just don't cut. This buildup can also lead to unwanted bacteria in the reclaim water, further worsening the smell.

But worry no more! Turtle Wax Pro's new product line is here to obliterate these issues, even in old or compromised reclaim systems. These solutions save time and money deodorizing your reclaim tanks, all while creating a dense foam even in less-than-ideal water conditions, and without compromising cleaning power.

X1 Power Soak

Kicking off the process is X1 Power Soak, a unique chemistry that drastically reduces surface tension, producing a dense, penetrating foam that cleans dirt and oils with exceptional results. Its chelating agents bind ions and minerals in the water and on the car, keeping them suspended until rinsed away with X2.

X2 Power Clean

Our foaming detergent, X2 Power Clean, comes next. It rinses away the suspended ions and minerals from the water and car, removing all soils from the vehicle. It introduces a combination of acid components to adjust the pH at the vehicle surface, setting the stage for the final steps of the process.

X5 Power Fresh

Meet the heavy lifter of our Titanium Reclaim System, X5 Power Fresh. This proprietary detergent is specifically designed to tackle odors inside your reclaim tanks by eliminating the root cause of those stinky pits. Even in challenging water conditions, Power Fresh works to dissipate pit odors over time. For optimum results, we recommend starting with clean reclaim tanks!

X6 Power Zap

Introducing X6 Power Zap, our bug remover that’s compatible with all reclaim systems. Unlike traditional bug removers that can lead to unpleasant odors, Power Zap avoids this issue entirely. Say goodbye to unwanted guests without adding extra stress to your reclaim equipment!

X7 Power Tread

Finally, we have X7 Power Tread, a wheel & tire cleaner that's reclaim friendly and doesn't contribute to pit odors. Free from compounds that break down into smelly byproducts, Power Tread is the perfect tire cleaner for car washes with small or outdated reclaim systems.

At Transchem Group, we've always developed our products with safe ingredients, reclaim friendliness and the environment in mind. This new lineup of products takes our commitment to a new level. It's time to reclaim the freshness in your car wash tunnels, one wash at a time. Say goodbye to stubborn smells and hello to a cleaner, fresher car wash experience!

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