SoaX Tri-Foam Wall PackSoaX Tri-Foam Wall Pack

Soax Tri-Foam Wall Pack

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Car Washes
Car Washes
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Vehicle Dealerships

The Soax Chemical Dispensing Wall Packs are compact and modular chemical dispensing units that allow you to customize and maximize your chemical offerings at your car wash site.

  • Built-in air control with 3-way solenoid eliminates air pump failure
  • PVC Check Valves for Integration with Existing Low Pressure Equipment
  • Includes Weep Controls To Prevent Damage and Freeze-Ups
  • Flow and pressure adjustments allow for fine tuning of chemical delivery
  • Adjustable Cycle Times: Sequential, Random or Mixed Settings
  • Wall Mounted Design
  • HydroMinder accurately mixes chemicals to ensure consistent product performance
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Our team at ASI finds the product quality and customer experience second to none with Transchem Group products.
Not only do the products exceed expectations, but the customer service and support is fantastic. Our customers enjoy the brand recognition and marketing support and we enjoy working with a family owned business that cares about their customers.
Jeremy Dohm,
President at ASI